Digital Engagement Transformation

Our Value Proposition Can Be Summarized Into 3 Main Pillars:

Digital transformations begin with a strategy – a strategy custom designed to your business. Analysing existing processes, we outline and map all paths, touchpoints and platforms used by your brand to interact and connect with its audience – from online and social to apps, kiosks, and the point of sale or point of care. We then identify the most efficient and effective means for bringing your message to your audience based on where they are and how they live.

Digital customer engagement solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. This can incorporate state of the art omnichannel and digital signage to dramatically elevate marketing capabilities through more tactile and personalized experiences. It might also involve mobile point of sale and digital payment solutions that enhance customer convenience and close sales faster while bringing your staff onto the floor and closer to the customer. Our back office solutions further expand customer delivery options while simultaneous simplifying logistics and minimizing your carbon footprint.

Finally, integrated analytics make it remarkably easy to personalize your brand message and your customer’s experience using the wealth of data already at your disposal. Instantly and automatically adjust visual signage, audio playlists, and social feeds – even communications campaigns – to optimized relevance and sales based on virtually any metric. Then track and refine response to refine predictive analytics and significantly grow sales.


Widen Your Engagement Map

For every industry, every company, every brand, there are new operational challenges and bottlenecks to overcome. With customer becoming more mobile, patients more digital-reliant and budgets tighter than ever, organizations cannot afford to continue the old ways of doing business. Where one message used to suffice, new digital savvy audiences expect more. They want to converse and be heard, learn and share, interacting with all levels of the organization and through countless channels – from the web to social media and retail check-out. Brands are now experiences, not solo advertising messages.

To compete companies have to be agile and innovative. That’s why Algattas designs and deploys digital strategies that put your brand where your audience is and offer the best experience paired with relevant and timely content across all channels.

Partner with a team of full-service digital experts able to map and analyse your current processes, pinpointing inefficiencies and digital solutions that could notably enhance the customer experience. We take an objective look your business from all angles devising a digital a digital framework to help you better connect, better transact, and trim cost through simple self-service and automation. Above all, we make it easier for your users and customers to take action.

Our innovative digital strategies help our clients do everything better – from sales and commerce to marketing content management customer service and workforce optimization. Contact us today to begin the journey.



Explore All Things Digital

Personalize your message, time precisely and go exactly where your customer is at any time of the day. We help leading organizations, connect and engage in more ways than imaginable, walking with each individual customer through infinite paths. Our full range of digital engagement solutions include state-of-the-art omnichannel technology, digital signage, mobile point of sale, back office customer care options, digital signage with NFC business insights, back office omnichannel operations – even workforce optimization.

Attract engage and retain today’s sophisticated digital customers by offering an experience that is personalized to their needs, preferences and behaviours. Deliver immediate up-to-the-minute information and answers, promotions and recommendations based on current conditions, buying patterns, and predefined rules. Turn more browsers into buyers by reducing bottlenecks and eliminating hesitations that stand between your product and checkout. Algattas can even help you regain control of your brand message and customer care function in the face of increasing service channels – from phone to email, text, social and live chat.

Behind your brand, our digital solutions notably improve in house processes, expedite patient care and optimize logistics and fulfilment operations by melding bid data with state-of-the-art digital technology. Our workforce optimization solutions further simplify employee scheduling, minimize administrative cost and control labour cost. Contact us to see how digital could transform your organization.



Transform Business Intelligence

Organizations today have more data at their disposal than ever before. This includes information on their customers, shopping patterns, social media interactions, and in-store patterns – even online customer service transactions. But it does not have to be complicated to manage more touchpoints, expanded communication channels and greater business intelligence. Algattas help you make sense of everything, designing sophisticated strategies that covert it all into meaningful and actionable insight.

Put real time insights and relevant analytics into the hands of the right business leaders when they need it the most -from marketing, sales and logistics to senior management. Our clients use analytics to enhance operating models, improve marketing and advertising campaigns, refine business processes, better connect with their customer, and grow revenue.

And Algattas does not just help you understand the past. We can help you predict the future. Equipping businesses with the latest predictive analytics technology, we are building optimal transparency into behavioural patterns. Use this to forecast and plan for trends that occur over time and build proactive strategies to better manage your business. Predictive analytics – when paired with today’s digital technology – help you better target your most profitable customers, launch digital strategies to capture even more of their business, improve the customer journey, launch powerful communications campaigns, anticipate issues – even optimize your product mix. With business intelligence at your fingertips, your options are virtually limitless. Contact us to learn more.