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Algattas improves the audience experiences and introduces powerful operational efficiencies for organizations in the banking and finance, transportation, retail and public sectors. Our solutions are designed from the ground up to help you connect with, sell to, transact and engage with, and expand your customer or constituent base.

Work with a team of experts able to reimagine your customer’s journey and unify all of your engagement channels. Our solutions will help you present a consistent message and brand from your website through social media on displays and kiosks at the point of sale and through your mobile app. Back your organization with specialized expertise in interactive design software development, regulatory compliance and the latest data security protocols.

We provide a complete solution, manging the development of customer facing mobile apps and kiosks, 3D interactive touchscreen displays and sophisticated back and content management systems from concept through completion. These solutions can extend customer check-out to the retail floor, elevate customer self-service capabilities and unify groups of people from disparate locations – virtually.

But Algattas does not just make the customer experience better – we improve your operations. Enable sales and service personnel with the tools they need to interact with customers from any location using their smart phone, tablet or computer. Easily manage the data you present to the public with a secure back-end Content Management System – a system also able to collect valuable insight on audience behaviour. View those insights within east-to-understand.

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New avenues for payment are emerging as consumers seek the simplicity and convenience of mobile commerce, leaving the finance and banking industry with no choice but to modernize their practices. Algattas works with leaders in the industry, helping banks and financial institutions meet customer demand by offering the ideal blend of expertise in technology data security and regulatory compliance.

Take our work with Savour and DBS Bank, for example. Working with our client, we completely transformed the food ordering and checkout process at the DBS Regatta Food Village in a manner that reduced staff burden, seamlessly aligned with the flow of pedestrian traffic, streamlined the customer experience and optimized transaction efficiency.

This transformation entailed the custom design of a self-service kiosk at the DBS Marina Regatta during the large-scale event, completely eliminating the need for cash during the food ordering process. With just a tap on the kiosk screen, guests are presented with a selection of food outlets at the Food Village. They could browse full colour menu photos and prices, tapping to choose the items they desired. Customers then reviewed a summary of their order, confirmed their choices and paid.

Kiosk capabilities incorporated multiple payment options including DBS PayLah! Visa and Mastercard. DBS Customers selecting PayLah! Simply entered their PayLah! Number on the screen and received an exclusive 10 percent discount off their order. A notification was then sent to the user’s mobile phone so they could log on into their PayLah! App to approve the charge. The kiosk then prints a receipt for them to present at the food counter for order pick-up.

Algattas made Savour and DBs Bank a big hit at the Regatta Food Village. We could do the same for you.

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Working with Savour and DBS bank to streamline the customer experience at a large scale F&B event



Sophisticated digital engagement solutions and AV technologies help government increase citizen engagement and improve community cohesiveness. At Algattas we work with organizations in the public sector to keep you at the cutting edge and help you advance civic objectives. This includes support for cities and towns, transportation services, healthcare facilities and utility companies.

Our digital engagement solutions are custom designed from the group up to suit each organization’s unique requirements. Partnering with you, we work to identify objectives, evaluate challenges, understand audiences and present recommendations – from real-time data displays for broader dissemination of up to the minute updates and information to Interactive touchscreen and mobile technologies that bring communities closer together. We also develop and deploy solutions that support live streaming and interactive public presentations that are viewable on any Internet enabled device including computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Our work in the public sector increase event and meeting attendance, expands audience reach, and minimizes our client’s carbon footprint by shrinking commutes, paperwork and trash. We can also help organizations cut cost and minimize the burden on staff through simple self-service features and automation. Digital engagement solutions improve the end-user’s experience –saving their time and reducing commutes, enhancing public safety, and delivering critical information the public needs when it is needed the most. And when it is easier to connect, citizens naturally view their public service agencies in a more favourable light.

Algattas can help you enhance citizen engagement and build a more cohesive community.

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Working with government agencies to enhance citizen engagement and build the community cohesiveness



Exciting tech advances haven given retailers more options to attract, engage and retain customers. Meanwhile, backend capabilities can gather insightful data and present that in easily understandable formats to help you optimize staffing, inventory and logistics. Algattas is at the cutting edge of retail transformations that drive a strong return on their investment.

Our retail solutions fuse online and in store experiences and form seamless customer journeys across all platforms. Retail solutions may include the development and implementation of mobile apps, QR codes to boost engagement and sales and click and collect counters. In-store WiFi capabilities further immerse customers in a company’s brand while full featured digital kiosks answer questions and supplement sales associates already on the floor. Give associates the ability to take orders and process payments using a mobile device or tablet – shifting checkout to any location the customer may be. We streamline the entire process and align all retail channels – from print to social media and apps – so you deliver a remarkable brand experience.

The Kando Personal Lifestyle Marketplace is just one example of the multifaceted and immersive environments. Algattas is capable of creating. Accessible both online and via the popular App, Kando offers bespoke lifestyle recommendations including ecommerce products, shopping, dining, wine and events tailored to each individual’s preferences, ratings and brand interactions.

Our digital engagement solutions help retailers notably differentiate their brand, engage today’s tech-savvy shopper, reduce the cost of overhead, and measurably improve their bottom line.

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The transportation industry is just beginning to tap into the wealth of mobile, interactive and digital engagement technologies at their disposal. Algattas is right beside them, designing and deploying innovative solutions that dramatically elevate the commuter experience on buses, taxis, airlines and trains.

Transport operators can now guide commuters from departure to destination more easily and efficiently than ever before possible. Interactive mobile apps along with touch-screen panels and satellite displays present real-time information including vehicle arrivals and departures. Now you can provide fully mapped routes to intended destinations, giving commuters the ability to navigate through the terminal and beyond with 3D maps that show where they are, where they board and where they can find pick up lanes and entrances. Boost patronage at nearby businesses with 3D interactive maps of restaurants, public services, retail shops, facilities and other conveniences – opening the potential for valuable advertising revenue. Additional capabilities include multi-language content, customer feedback, and drop down menus listing routes and fares.

In addition to added commuter convenience, Algattas digital engagement solutions provide transport operators with the intelligence they need to quickly respond to customer demands and continually improve their service. Log into your sophisticated, integrated Content Management System to update and control public-facing information in real time, simultaneously receiving statistics on usage and preferences.

We make the journey smarter and more enjoyable than you ever imagined possible.

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